The Financial Empowerment Portfolio



The NEW Financial Empowerment Portfolio is the ultimate resource for empowering individuals with the information, tips, and practical tools to develop their financial strength and gain control of their future well-being.

Content Includes: 

The Financial Empowerment Workbook

Financial empowerment

Helps individuals achieve financial well-being by:

  • Identifying their values
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Tracking their spending
  • Setting a budget 




Becoming a Savvy Consumer

Helps individuals become savvy consumers by:

  • Avoiding high cost convenience items, rent to own purchases, and payday loans
  • Paying their taxes
  • Using their tax return wisely
  • Protecting themselves against scams and identity theft 




  All the way to the bank

Helps individuals understand the basics of banks and credit unions by:

  • Avoiding fees
  • Saving money
  • Accessing services that fit their lifestyle 




  Cool with Credit

Helps individuals build their knowledge of credit and understand:

  • Their rights as a credit consumer
  • Bankruptcy options
  • How to build a good credit score  




The Next Level

Helps individuals to understand how to take their financial empowerment to the next level by:

  • Growing lasting, long-term savings
  • Owning a home
  • Protecting assets and investing
  • Building wealth over the long-term







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