Instructor’s Guide

The Get A Job Kit Instructor’s Guide is a comprehensive curriculum supplement to The Get A Job Kit. Providing a flexible course outline and engaging, interactive exercises to facilitate The Get A Job Kit in a  classroom setting, the Instructor’s Guide leads instructors through the process of motivating, supporting, and strengthening their job seekers throughout the job search process.

  • Supplements The NEW Get A Job Kit
  • Updated course outline with additional proven and engaging exercises
  • 10-15 hours of total instruction
  • 60-90 minutes of daily instruction
  • FREE with order of 25 Get A Job Kits or more, or $4.99 each


Inmate Programs Manager – Chowcilla, CA

Our correctional education budget was cut by more than 30%. The Get A Job Kit is more affordable than a book, and our students truly appreciate receiving this incentive to begin anew. Most express gratitude when they receive one.”