The Get A Job Kit

With updated content, design, and examples that reflect today’s current job market trends, The Get A Job Kit simplifies and organizes the job search process into three phases of Preparing for the Job Search, Securing the Position, and Excelling in the Workplace.

The Get A Job helps job seekers to:
  • Identify their skills, accomplishments & network
  • Determine their interests, values, needs & goals
  • Craft a winning resume & cover letter
  • Complete a job application
  • Select professional references
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Organize an effective job search
  • Utilize online resources
  • Dress for success
  • Interview with confidence
  • Follow up with thank you letters
  • Manage conflict & change in the workplace
  • Navigate the first year on the job
  • Leave a positive legacy… and more!


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Contents Include:

Phase 1: Preparing for the Job Search

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  • Get A Job Planner
    • Set Goals
    • Identify Network Connections
  • Master Application
    • Capture the Information You Will Need for any Job Application
  • Resume & Cover Letter Workbook
    • Craft a Winning Resume
    • Select Professional References
    • Write Effective Cover Letters
    • Prepare Professional Portfolio
  • 30-Second Me
    • Craft & Perfect Personal Statement

Phase 2: Securing the Position

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  • Online Job Search Brochure
    • Research Potential Employers
  • Job Log
    • Track Contacts & Applications
  • Pocket Guide to Confident Interviewing
    • Practice Top Q&A
  • Interview Scheduler Notepad
    • Schedule & Prepare for Interviews
  • Dressing for Success Guide
    • Dress to Suit the Job
  • Thank You Notes & Envelopes

Phase 3: Excelling in the Workplace
  • Practice Strategies for Success

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    • For Continued Success
    • Effective Self-Care
  • Manage Conflict in the Workplace
  • Accept Constructive Criticism
  • Navigate the First Year on the Job
    • Your First Week
    • The 90-Day Benchmark
    • The One-Year Milestone
  • Cope with Change
    • Types of Change
    • Professional Opportunities
    • Potential Challenges
  • Leave a Positive Legacy  

The Professional Portfolio

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  • Contains 2 Complimentary Sheets of Fine Resume Paper
  • Built to house and protect everything a job seeker may need on a job interview — Master Application, Typed Resume, Typed References, & Certificates, Awards, or Letters of Recommendation
  • Sleek & Professional Design

The Digital Component

Access to digital templates and additional inserts are now available with any purchase of The Get A Job Kit.

To further simplify and organize the job search process for job seekers, the new digital feature will enable job seekers to download the following Get A Job Kit templates to their electronics devices so they can type in the information and print out the documents for practical use:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Professional References
  • Master Application
  • Job Log

To meet the specific needs of job seekers from various backgrounds, additional inserts are now available digitally to provide extra information and resources for to the following populations:

  • Youth
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Veterans

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Add The Instructor’s Guide to your order!

The Instructor’s Guide provides instructors with 10-15 hours of flexible comprehensive curriculum and engaging activities to facilitate The Get A Job Kit in a workshop or classroom setting.
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Job Seeker – Miami, FL

“Going from military service to competing in the private sector was tough! The Get A Job Kit helped me focus and follow up. After getting hired, I gave my kit to a neighbor who lost his job, because I thought the materials could help him too.”

Inmate Programs Manager – Chowcilla, CA

Our correctional education budget was cut by more than 30%. The Get A Job Kit is more affordable than a book, and our students truly appreciate receiving this incentive to begin anew. Most express gratitude when they receive one.”