I’ve found this kit very useful for my students. They were very impressed with their kits. The kit is very helpful to guide our students on their career exploration paths. I look forward to sharing this info with our other CTE Instructors and plan to continue to include it in our curriculum.

High School CTE Teacher- Los Angeles, CA

Transitioning military personnel and their spouses are finding the competition much tougher than expected. The Get A Job Kit complements our training program and provides information on self-marketing–which is a huge advantage. Each kit comes with free inserts targeted to the needs of our military population.

Military Support Services – China Lake, CA

Our young adults are having a tough time competing for fewer part-time jobs and summer employment. We provide The Get A Job Kit to our students to boost their self-esteem and get a head start. Job search skills are timeless.

Job Developer – New Orleans, LA

Our correctional education budget was cut by more than 30%. The Get A Job Kit is more affordable than a book, and our students truly appreciate receiving this incentive to begin anew. Most express gratitude when they receive one.

Inmate Programs Manager – Chowcilla, CA

“Going from military service to competing in the private sector was tough! The Get A Job Kit helped me focus and follow up. After getting hired, I gave my kit to a neighbor who lost his job, because I thought the materials could help him too.”

Job Seeker – Miami, FL

“A local agency gave me The Get A Job Kit, and I liked the way it was packaged. It had lots of tips about how to look professional, and I even wrote thank you notes for the first time! My persistence paid off with a job offer from a local start-up company.”

Job Seeker – Houston, TX

“A surprising number of job seekers think all they have to do is post their resumes on one of the big web sites and wait for offers. Wrong! Getting a job is full-time work and requires preparation to get ahead of the competition. The Get A Job Kit helps people save time and track their progress.”

Career Counselor – Detroit, MI

“Our career services staff has invested in The Get A Job Kit for ten years. It’s a terrific tool for our multi-campus vocational college, and students love the professional-looking briefcase design!”

Career Services Center – Raleigh, NC

The Get a Job Kit is a blessing in a box. Using this one Kit, by itself, landed me a job. I had a job within two weeks of graduating by using The Get a Job Kit.

Nahyrah Sherrod – Sacramento, CA

“I love The Get A Job Kit and used to use them with my students when I was a teacher, so as soon as I became an advisor, I wanted to be sure to order them for all of my teachers. I realized The Get A Job Kit was that one piece that was missing in our Career Technical Education instruction.”

CTE Pathway Advisor – Los Angeles, CA