Digital Templates

The Get A Job Kit has gone digital!

Access to digital templates and additional inserts are now available with any purchase of The Get A Job Kit.

To further simplify and organize the job search process for job seekers, the new digital feature will enable job seekers to download the following Get A Job Kit templates to their electronics devices so they can type in the information and print out the documents for practical use:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Professional References
  • Master Application
  • Job Log

To meet the specific needs of job seekers from various backgrounds, additional inserts are now available digitally to provide extra information and resources for to the following populations:

  • Youth
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Veterans
Ex-offender insert Youth insert Vets insert
To Access Digital Templates:

Job seekers can access the digital templates by using the card provided on the inside flap of their Get A Job Kit. Each card contains a unique access code that can be used for up to 3 times.


Download Now

Job Seekers using The Get A Job Kit can click on the “Download Now” button below and then enter their unique access code provided on their card to download the digital templates.


The Get A Job Kit Digital Files


5.51 MB 36 downloads

Military Support Programs – China Lake, CA

Transitioning military personnel and their spouses are finding the competition much tougher than expected. The Get A Job Kit complements our training program and provides information on self-marketing–which is a huge advantage. Each kit comes with free inserts targeted to the needs of our military population.

Graduate – Session 9

“The ‘Get A Job Kit’ program helped me in so many ways. The real work environment and having a job to complete each day let me know I could be a good employee. The program gave me the confidence to get the job I have at Amazon. Thank you to The Get A Job Kit for being the reason I succeeded.”