Digital Templates

The Get A Job Kit has gone digital!

Access to digital templates and additional inserts are now available with any purchase of The Get A Job Kit.

To further simplify and organize the job search process for job seekers, the new digital feature will enable job seekers to download the following Get A Job Kit templates to their electronics devices so they can type in the information and print out the documents for practical use:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Professional References
  • Master Application
  • Job Log

To meet the specific needs of job seekers from various backgrounds, additional inserts are now available digitally to provide extra information and resources for to the following populations:

  • Youth
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Veterans
Vets youth ex-offender
To Access Digital Templates:

Job seekers can access the digital templates by using the card provided on the inside flap of their Get A Job Kit. Each card contains a unique access code that can be used for up to 3 times.




  • Click on the “Download” button and enter your code into the pop-up
  • Double click the compressed folder to view its contents. 
  • Click on “Extract All”
  • A window called “Select Destination and Extract files” will appear, use the “Browse” button to select extraction destination. Leave the “Show extracted files when complete” button checked and click “Extract”
Download Now

Job Seekers using The Get A Job Kit can click on the “Download Now” button below and then enter their unique access code provided on their card to download the digital templates.

Military Support Programs – China Lake, CA

Transitioning military personnel and their spouses are finding the competition much tougher than expected. The Get A Job Kit complements our training program and provides information on self-marketing–which is a huge advantage. Each kit comes with free inserts targeted to the needs of our military population.

Graduate – Session 9

“The ‘Get A Job Kit’ program helped me in so many ways. The real work environment and having a job to complete each day let me know I could be a good employee. The program gave me the confidence to get the job I have at Amazon. Thank you to The Get A Job Kit for being the reason I succeeded.”